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Product Information

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After 5 years of product development we have created a CBD rub infused in a uniquely solid carrier, for this type of product.  This combined with the mess-free stick delivery allows people to massage the rub forcing the benefits to penetrate deeper, helping it to reach painful areas. 

Three things make this product different from the rest; 

  2.  our superior grade plant oils including the specific full spectrum benefits of the CBD oil we use to manufacture that include a 54% CBD concentration along with CBN, CBA and a host of terpenes. These combined with; 
  3. our personal story of why we originally set out to create the rub for family members suffering from both pain and the ripple effects of using some of the available options by prescription; and, subsequently the damage that can be done by having those medications in a home faced with dependents suffering from severe mental health challenges. 

These are very real problems that can be tackled by educating people on their more natural options.  The very basis of the state of today's national Cannabis industry.

As the general knowledge of CBD body benefits expands into a broadening demographic more people are turning to CBD topicals to help with their daily pain relief and no one wants to stand in the Timmy's line dressed in their office best, smelling of cannabis.  People rely on NO SH!T for the relief, but they love the smell. 

Our challenge in bringing our comforting CBD Body Stick to you, lies in the exclusivity represented by the costs of a processing application and license. In all of its complexities the costs associated with this process are a death sentence for many startups but we're determined to rise to the challenge! Stay tuned for NO SH!T CBD Body Sticks coming to a licensed retailer near you.

Plants, Butters and Carrier Oils

Natural Cacao Butter

Cacao (pronounced Coco and sometimes spelled Cocoa) Butter is the base ingredient of chocolate and comes from the bean of the Cacao plant. Our Natural Cacao butter is sourced and imported directly from South America and is squeezed from the cacao bean giving our products a natural chocolate smell.

Cacao butter has a long list skin care benefits.  Cacao butter can replenish moisture and create a barrier to protect your skin from moisture loss. Compared to other oils and creams, cacao butter tends to be absorbed well without leaving skin greasy. However, cacao butter helps skin maintain its elasticity and tone.  It works great as a shaving lotion and has been reported to help fight the signs of aging, help with acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Nut & Seed Oils

More to come on this topic.  At the moment we are creating light easy to absorb, blends of luxurious nut and seed oils such as; hemp, avacado, and, sweet almond.

Distilled Peppermint Oil

Nature gives us many plants to be used in different ways to heal, comfort and sustain us. Over the years people have found many way the peppermint plant can be used. 

We've found that when the plant is distilled and the pure oil added to our products it not only gives a cooling effect that many find soothing but it also opens the tissues to allow other oils and extract to reach deep into muscles and joints