Product Information

Signature Broad Spectrum Topical Oil

 At Planted we pride ourselves on offering all natural, organically sourced products that are effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals and other unnatural medicines. The backbone to all of our products comes from our Signature Broad Spectrum Topical CBD Oil. Formulated in house, this blend of pure refined natural oils contains valuable omega fatty acids that are responsible for a wide range of health benefits. It even helps enhance the therapeutic properties of our other ingredients like CBD and Cocoa Butter making it an effective healer of many symptoms.  

Our planted products

Original Stick

CBD Body Rub

Perfect for trying out CBD for the first time!

  • Lowest concentrations of CBD in the form of a twist-up mess-free body rub stick

  • Effective in cases of mild pain 

  • Has proven acne treating properties found within our Signature Broad Spectrum Topical Oil that is used in all of our products


  • Produced in two scents, Chocolate Peppermint, and Chocolate Orange

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    Sizes: 30 mL, 50 mL

Clearly Targeted Roll On

CBD Oil Roller

     Our highest concentration of CBD!

  • Extremely strong pain relief properties
  • Applied in oil form, Clearly is easy to roll on and apply to any area on the body 
  • Recommended for relief of severe localized pain 
  • Effective when pain is localized to specific joint or small muscle groups
  • Highly recommended for treating headaches and migraines by applying above the eyebrows 
  • Also proven to have sinus clearing properties when applied to sinuses above and below cheekbone
  • The Signature Broad Spectrum Topical Oil within Clearly also has shown to treat acne and cases of Sciatica 

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     Size: 10 mL

Extra Strength Stick

CBD Body Rub

Higher CBD concentration in the twist up mess free body rub stick! 

  • Recommended for people suffering from pain rooted deep within tissues
  • Higher CBD concentration has stronger interaction with Peripheral Nervous System leading to more effective pain relief 
  • Signature Broad Spectrum Topical Oil effective in treating many other ailments, not just muscle and joint pain
  • Proven acne treating properties
  • Effectively reduces and manages symptoms of Sciatica
  • Also used in treating and relieving pain from migraines and headaches 

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     Size: 50 mL

Fresh Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

Fresh scent, aluminum and paraben free, all natural ingredients including CBD!

  • Our all natural deodorant goes on light and clean to give you a nice, fresh experience without blocking pores or contributing to underarm bacteria
  • Recommended for fresh feeling skin with the benefits of our Signature Topical Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Our blended formula can relieve underarm rash as well as soothe roughed up skin from shaving
  • CBD paired with our all natural ingredients help relieve sensitive skin caused by harsh chemicals and metals found in antiperspirants and store brand deodorants 
  • A nice change from the typical store selection 

Size: 50 mL