Customer Testimonials


Bill in Frankford Ontario writes, "Thank  you Kim , very fast shipment. Your product helps both me and my wife  with pain relief . The 4 we just received will likely last a couple  months but we will definitely be repeat customers. Thank you again."

@dabbybabs posts, "This Chocolate Mint #CBDSalve is no lie THE SHIT for chronic headaches hands-down. The first time I've seen it on the reserve was when they came in at @mohawkmediblestmt. It smells phenomenal so I had to try it and unlike comparable products with heavy menthol scents it's extremely pleasant and works almost instantly. I've been carrying it around in my purse and it gives me a tremendous amount of relief.  I can't thank the cmopany enough for making such a straight up wicked product."

Brooke in Napanee Ontario writes, " I have been using the pain relief stick for the past couple weeks to relieve migraine pain, I apply it to the back of my neck and within 5 minutes I am completely pain free; this is something medication can't do for me; I have had prescription medication that did not help, no over the counter stuff helps; but this is a miracle in my life."