More Great Testimonials


Kelsey, Kingston writes, "I've suffered from cystic acne since I was a teenager. I've always been self conscious about it but they can become so sore and tender I can barely talk or eat due to the pain. I used the Planted liquid roll-on and within an hour the peppermint soothes the pain and made my acne on my chin bearable.  Within 3 days it was almost gone!"

Albert, Napanee - "Recently I was diagnosed with arthritis in both hips.  The pain was so debilitating I couldn't sleep and before receiving my diagnosis I was fearful it may be bone cancer.  Thankfully I was introduced to Planted Products, and it has changed my life.  After only using the product a couple of times I was pain free.  I have never seen results from traditional medication that I experienced with this product.  I would encourage anyone that suffers from chronic pain to try it.